The Painting Company was tremendously proud to be involved in the $130-milliondollar renovation of the historic Ohio Statehouse. Tasked with removing close to 30 layers of paint, repairing large sections of ornamental plaster, and making sure that newly applied coatings were in line with the building’s period style, The Painting Company craftsmen enthusiastically embraced this ambitious project. Our attention to detail meant more than just sticking to a historically accurate color scheme of over 70 shades — it also meant prepping and applying paint to almost every wall, ceiling, door frame, and decorative element of this 160,000-square-foot cornerstone of Ohio government. The stunning results revealed not only the beauty of the building itself, but also the award-winning craftsmanship and attention to excellence that are hallmarks of The Painting Company.


How did we remove decades of lead-based paint from delicate woodwork in the historic Ohio Statehouse?

The Painting Company dug deep, extensively researching the latest products, technology, and techniques for this challenging project. After careful study, we selected Dumond Chemical’s Peel Away 1, a product that is spray applied and then covered with fibrous paper which encapsulates and then lifts away the lead paint beneath. This innovative method was not only efficient and cost-effective, but also safe for both woodwork and employees.

By consistently keeping abreast of innovations and trends within our industry, The Painting Company is able to provide our clients with product and resource approaches tailor-made for each project.